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Shangdrok (2020)

  • Documentary, Short
  • 19min
  • |
  • 2020

Tibetan people not only live in Tibet but spread out all over the vast Tibetan plateau in western China. Shangdrok means northern nomads in Tibetan language. Yaks and sheep accompany Tibetan nomads for thousand years, offering not only companionship but providing the materials needed for survival in every aspect of life. However, even on this remote high-altitude plateau, life today becomes increasingly complicated. The green fields of the nomads are gradually disintegrating, and the nomadic lifestyle is fading. There is a small workshop set up in an inconspicuous village on Tibetan plateau that tries to work with the nomads. As a social enterprise, to regain their traditions of yak wool textile craftsmanship, to help the villagers who used to be nomads before lost all their yaks can earn their livings, and make them proud of themselves again. Through this film, we could stand closely by the side and capture the moments objectively. How Tibetan people cherish their traditions and nomadic lifestyle, however losing them gradually at the same time, while facing and embracing rapid modernization.


Jared Yeh


Jared Yeh


Chinese, Tibetan